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September 3, 2015: Pre-Morteming

On Monday and Tuesday we did something that we talk about a lot, but all too rarely pull off: a couple of "pre-mortems."

When we POST-mortem a game, we take a fresh-from-the printer copy, open it up, and go through it piece by piece, talking about how it could have been better. The post-mortem copy gets marked up and goes into the file, and if (when!!?) there's a second printing, we drag it out and ask ourselves how many of these changes we should really make.

We don't post-mortem as often as we ought to, and not nearly as often as we did 15 or 20 years ago, but it's a thing.

A PRE-mortem is different, and just what it sounds like. Instead of post, it's PRE. When the game is about to go to press, we sit down and look at it piece by piece in the most critical way we can imagine. That can be both difficult and painful for the people who have been working on it all along, but it's . . . [more]

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