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September 16, 2014: GURPS Fourth Turns 10 With . . . Steven Marsh

Not to go all hipster, but I was into GURPS Fourth Edition before it even existed. As part of the Fourth Edition playtest, I remember the thrill of opening those secret files and poring over the new features and innovations. I recall my biggest contribution being the suggestion that Allies' and Dependents' character points should be based on a percentage of the PC's point total, rather than flat. (A 50-point sidekick is much less useful in a cosmic super-powered campaign than a street-level one!)

I'm fortunate to have been part of the "GURPS inner circle" (at least the outer inner circle) for nearly 15 years. For over half a decade, I've helmed the revamped Pyramid as a full Fourth Edition support 'zine. I'm especially proud of Pyramid #3/31: Monster Hunters – where I conspired to assemble goodies for GURPS Monster Hunters before we'd even announced it – and Pyramid #3/66: The Laws of . . . [more]

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