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October 21, 2016: Munchkin Comics Is Kicking It, Undead-Style

Issue #22 of Munchkin comics drops next week, and we have an exclusive first look at this fist-fighting, undead-biting compilation!

"Munch Fu: The Legend Continues" features Flower, who craves vengeance . . . and tea. Following a clan of unruly ninjas, Flower must confront Master Bai, and have at least one dramatic monologue along the way. Can she find her ultimate power? Or will she just annoy tea-house owners? Probably both. This Munchkin Fu-inspired legend is written by Sam Sykes and illustrated by Munchkin Guest Artist Edition artist Ian McGinty.

Things get scary in the second tale, "We're Safe Here – This Is A Bowling Alley," wherein a ragtag group of survivors are holed up in a bowling alley, complete with concession-stand nachos. Actually, these humans are pretty annoying . . . I think it's time the zombies had their turn to bowl! Do zombies know lane . . . [more]

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