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August 25, 2016: Munchkin Musings: August 2016

It's the monthly melange of Munchkin memoranda! We're still meshuggah over Moop's Monster Mashup . . . maybe you noticed.

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Gen Con (especially the folks who made the Munchkin Tavern a success once again!); we're already making big plans for Gen Con 50 next year! We made several announcements over that weekend, which you can read about in the August 15 Munchkin News.

(Special kudos to Munchkin Collectible Card Game co-designer Eric M. Lang, this year's recipient of the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. Way to go, Eric!)

We also appreciate everyone who came to see us at Board Game Bash and those who attended our #PlayMunchkin events on August 13. Those were fun! We'll be looking at how to make them even better for next time.

Remember that you can always look at our Conventions page to find out where we'll be next.

Looking forward, we're . . . [more]

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