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April 25, 2018: Win Desolation Of Blarg Cards!

The first Munchkin Collectible Card Game expansion, The Desolation of Blarg, is set for release next month. The expansion is now out of the factory and on a ship, sailing across the Pacific Ocean, so it is just down to the logistics of freight receiving, distributor sales and fulfillment, and individual friendly local game stores ordering the new boosters and setting them out for you to find and enjoy. (Basically, the hard parts of taking a new expansion from the manufacturing process to your hands.)

Fortunately, we have early copies of the Blarg expansion, and Rhea and Hunter are not opposed to giving away cards. On the official Munchkin Collectible Card Game Facebook page, they have been opening Desolation of Blarg booster packs . . . and giving cards away! Check out these first two live videos from the last few weeks, and then be sure to like and follow the official Munchkin Collectible . . . [more]

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